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Join us as we delve into Lee Petty’s awesome big carp record. The travelling man’s big carp angler, Lee Petty, gets the For The Record treatment. We get a privileged look at his brimming big-carp albums, and try to get to the source of his success, achieved while holding down a job in his native Midlands.

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Episode #044!

5 hours of carp fishing GOLD! This episode has it all; the legend that is Ritchie McDonald returns for pt.2 of his For The Record interview, Jack Thomson completes his most interesting of campaigns, catch carp from sewer drains. Elliott has just 24 hours to catch a carp from Stanwick Fisheries Mallard Lake, Oscar Thornton delivers a masterclass on catching big carp at close quarters, and we head to carp fishing Paradise with Gaz Fareham for the first part of a new series with him. If that lot wasnt enough, of course we have several short films too, from the likes of Neil Spooner, Elliott Gray and Gaz Fareham.