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Stanwick Mallard Lake | The 24 | Elliott Gray

Elliott Gray has just 24 hours to crack a busy day-ticket lake; can he succeed? With Mallard Lake on the Stanwick Lakes complex fishing hard, it looked like we’d drawn a duffer on the first 24 for a while! However, that was before a combination of some crafty pole work, and an under-fished corner led to Elliott breaking the deadlock on this intriguing little pit.

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We look at depths, In-Focus! Have you ever considered how the depth of water you’re fishing in effects the results you have? This often overlooked subject can be a hugely critical factor in determining how many carp you catch, and never more so than during the spring. A trip to Norton Disney for a 30th birthday social, presented the opportunity to make this film and Elliott and Mike lapped it up. Something to both entertain you, and get you thinking.