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Zenon Bojko
For The Record

Duration: 2h 24min

Zenon Bojko is a name that will remain etched into the history books of carp fishing, and despite his absence from the scene for a number of years, his impact during his time as an obsessive carp angler will never be forgotten. Zen was the first man to catch a 40lb common and mirror carp from two different waters (Snake Pit and Harrow), was pivotal in the rise of Mainline Baits, is famed for his long range casting, invented the helicopter rig, the monkey climber and the use of rig tubing. He brought carp fishing package holidays to the mainstream with the Dreamlakes complex and he’s done all of this whilst maintaining a entertaining “tell it how it is” attitude to life. Elliott first met Zennon on the local lakes in Colchester more than a decade ago, and it’s a privilege to have him feature in our For The Record series.

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