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Summer In The Sun
Samir & Claire | All About The Journey Pt.9

Duration: 34m 14sec

There’s big changes in the life of Samir & Claire; having found their dream home beside the banks of Lake Orellanna, it's time to turn this house into a home. In the previous episode, the duo rescued a dog from neglect and mistreatment. Unfortunately, this time around, Samir and Simba have a bit of an altercation. This is all a part of rebuilding the life of the dog and it won’t come easy. Once his hand was on the mend it's back to doing what he does best, catching carp. You’ll see him visit a "secret lake" where he's targeting some truly epic carp, that wouldn't look out of place in the UK. After some hard work and rather unorthodox baiting techniques in the scorching sun, he manages to get amongst some of the lakes many gems.

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