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Si Bater
The Session | Kentish

Duration: 51m 20secs

Our headline film features one of the finest big-carp hunters to ever pick up a battered, old carp rod – former British record holder… the incomparable Simon Bater. If you know of Simon, then you’ll be aware of just how special a guest he is! If you’ve never heard of him, then you’re in for a treat. This man has lived and breathed carp fishing for over 30 years and we got a truly in-depth insight into the mindset of a man who is obsessed with pitting his wits against the biggest and best of British. Nope, he probably can’t teach you to Spomb on a sixpence at 150 yards, but we can guarantee that just listening to this man will well and truly stoke the fires for your spring campaign; it certainly did so for us!

Categories: The Session

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