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Si Bater
For The Record

Duration: 2h 6min

Think you love carp fishing? Wait until you listen to this guy. Simon Bater is and has always been a guy obsessed with the pursuit of big carp. Few anglers can say they’ve lived and breathed it, like Si has, and few have the album to show for it, like Si has. His obsession lies with chasing special carp that have a story tell, the odd ’uns, the rare ones, carp that will take him on unforgettable journeys, often regarded as the best of the best. Si doesn’t want Bentleys and big houses. He wants the finest carp in the land and has dedicated his whole life to making this happen. It’s for this reason he has accolades such as, “Black Mirror captor”, “British record-holder” and “first man to catch two UK 60-pounders”, to his name. What’s more, he does it all with a smile and purity in his heart. You’re going to love this interview.

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