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September 2021
Episode #048

Duration: 5h 12min

5hours 12mins of carp fishing’s finest content, bundled into one epic experience! But what films make up this whopping great episode we hear you wonder? Here’s a list of our big-hitters.

Steve Renyard and Elliott head to Birch Grove, a venue steeped in history, it’s about as intimate and beautiful as a lake can get and is home to some wonderful carp too; we couldn’t wait to get stuck in! This film has it’s highs, it’s lows, and some very entertaining moments too (one of which you’re sure to watch at least twice).

After what seemed like an eternity, Gaz Fareham was finally loading the van for his first post-covid adventure into Europe. The Barrages of France provide fishing with a totally unique feel and in this case, produced a quite incredible trip. The action was non-stop as  carp after carp caught were for the cameras, with some special ones among them.

We dive deep into a hectic Spring's fishing with Samir and Claire, filled with big carp, a new house, fun with friends, and the addition of a new member to their family. 

The Sharp End Pt.6; Nige’s diary returns! We’ve longed to bring you this film, but with covid restrictions holding us back, we now have a bumper episode, comprising of six months of footage!

Cassien Diaries Pt.7; As Mark's time at the magical Lac De Saint Cassien draws to an end, he sets himself the target of catching a 50-pounder; a fish of dreams! Did he succeed? Of course he did!

On top of these films we have short videos from Neil Spooner, Tom Stokes and Jon McAllister and a Fink Food Fishing review.


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