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Willow Lake
Gray vs Lloyd | The Session

Duration: 1h 18min

This session film see’s Scott Lloyd return to Cypography and this is not only the longest Session film to date but there’s a twist! Scott loves challenging people to a match and Elliott had planned to spring it upon him once they got to the venue but true to form, Scott offered him out before they’d even arrived! We’re back to Linch Hill again but this time we are over on Willow lake, a venue that neither of the lads have fished a great deal but Scott certainly has the home advantage and the confidence is booming. This is all out war and the lads use a variety of tactics in order to succeed, there’s no room for laziness here, the carp are far too scaly to risk not catching any. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention, for every carp caught, the other angler must remove an item of clothing, first one to end up NAKED, loses! Lloyd vs Gray, who’s your money on?

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