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Ritchie McDonald
For The Record

Duration: 1h 34min

In a modest, ground-floor flat in suburban West London, lives a man who, single-handedly, changed the face of big-carp fishing. In fact, it could be argued that he invented the single-minded pursuit of target carp by any means necessary. So, it was with nerves jangling that we visited that same flat last year and talked all things obsession with a man on whose very face you can see etched the relentless pursuit of the carp he desired above all else. We kicked off halfway through a chat about the Royal Forty, and then sprawled off across Ritchie’s carp life for a wild afternoon, never quite knowing where he'd lead us next. It’s compelling, rude, shocking, but no less enthralling because of that. Proudly we give you Ritchie McDonald For The Record… to be continued…

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