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Redmire Revived
Alan Blair & Oli Davies | Just Add Water

Duration: 1h 5min

Alan Blair and Oli Davies visit the most famous carp lake on planet earth, Redmire Pool. Etched into the history books for the length of time, this awe-inspiring, record-breaking and truly remarkable pond has been making anglers dreams come true since the dawn of carp fishing. In this film you’ll see the Nash duo tackle the notoriously difficult pond with 48 hours to catch a carp. The venue has undergone a huge amount of work in order to return it to its former glory and one man that has seen and orchestrated almost every stage of Redmire’s progression, is Les Bamford. We felt it was only right that he joins in on the fun, detailing some interesting facts about the estate. Filming at the pool has always been a rarity and we’re delighted to have had the chance to do so, and it’s a film we know you’re going to enjoy. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of nostalgia?

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