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First Contact
Nigel Sharp | The Sharp End Pt.1

Duration: 34min 06sec

Nigel took us to a quiet estate not too far from what many consider to be the centre of carp universe, Yateley. With an album that contains many of the finest carp that swam during a period that is considered to have been a golden age for big-fish hunting, Nigel Sharp is one angler that we were really keen to get on film. His modest, laid-back persona is a little at odds with the thrusting YouTube generation, but he’s happy to let his CV does the talking, and we found him only too happy to cover a host of big-carp topics with refreshing frankness. Of course, there was plenty of tea drunk, and we even got to pore over the collection of the actual rigs that he landed the likes of Heather, Bazil, The Royal and Arfur on!

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