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New Beginnings
Jim Shelley | Hunter Pt.12

Duration: 1h 41min

Jim Shelley is a carp-catching phenomenon and in this episode of the Hunter series we dig deep into his Ibiza Beach campaign, the highs and the lows. With the addition of some epic ‘Shelley Cam’ diary footage, we get an exclusive, in the moment, insight into his pursuit of an ancient 45lb common. If you’ve followed this series, you’ll be well-aware of Jim’s love for the Woolpack and he returns in style, catching one he dearly wanted, an incredible 38lb scaly mirror. On top of this, we look at his thoughts on using bottom baits or pop-up’s during the autumn, slack line fishing, hook sharpening and storage, stalking and observing bubbling fish, his thoughts on carp communicating with each other, and last, but not least, his plans to fish in Europe.

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