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March 2021
Episode #042

Duration: 5h 48min

At a whopping 5 hours and 48 minutes, this is our BIGGEST EPISODE to date and features more big carp than ever before. Grab yourself a large drink, find the most comfortable seat available, sit back and enjoy this Cypography marathon. Here's what you can expect...

We pick Alex West's brains about tactics when limited to daytime only, and he catches for the cameras too! Alex’s big-carp CV reads like a phone directory of desirable giants, a good few of which were caught from day-only waters like Richmond Park, Sutton-at-Hone and Bushy Park. We joined him in the middle of a lockdown campaign for his next big daytime target and managed to stumble across one of the finest big carp in the South East (which Alex has caught, obviously) while we did so!

Carp can be found in the craziest of places and Jack Thomson is going demonstrate that perfectly in this film. With permission secured to fish a rather peculiar stretch of water, what surprises might turn up? There's only one way to find out!

We're back at Roughs Lake and it's time for the yearly ritual of chalking. This is a seriously labour intensive task and the lads at Embryo have their work cut out, as they deposit 10 tonnes of chalk to the lake bed.

This hour-long episode of the Hunter series sees Jim complete the Woolpack jigsaw puzzle, with the capture of the biggest carp on the complex and his latest 50-pounder. As one chapter ends, another begins and Jim has been granted permission to help with the stocking of the lakes. Many years previous, eggs were hatched and grown on site, and now it’s time to ‘spread the love’.

We're back at Cassien and Mark is baiting swims in the hope that he'll reap the rewards in the coming days. Whilst the bait does its work, Mark and his girlfriend Danielle visit the beach before heading to another lake for some hardcore carp fishing. Several stunning carp find their way into Mark’s landing net so enjoy this action packed video. 

For years Elliott's been documenting his angling and in The Cypographer Pt.11 there’s a bit of a twist, it’s all about his friends (and the incredible carp they’ve been catching). There’s something special about shooting down to the lake to share a moment with your mate, as he holds a great carp aloft, and in this film you’ll see carp of all shapes and sizes, big smiles and a tale of friendship.

Alfie embarks on another mission across county lines, and this time around he’s heading to East Anglia. After his pervious success in Hertfordshire, confidence was sky high as he approached his first venue, a day-ticket venue in Suffolk. Before we knew it, the job was done and we were heading to Norfolk in search of the latest piece of the jigsaw. A flat tyre almost stopped play but luckily, Dave saved the day with an F1 style tyre change. As the daylight faded Alfie found himself in familiar settings, an ancient old park set admits the hustle and bustle of a busy market town. Would he manage two counties in one trip?

MORE CASSIEN DIARIES! Mark is rewarded with his first Cassien carp, a big relief for this highly driven Dutch angler.  As well as fishing at Cassien, Mark also wet a line together with his girlfriend, Danielle, at another venue. Would the pair manage to catch a carp from there too? 

As well as all that, we have James Armstrong's Catch Of A Lifetime, Neil Spooners What's In The Bag, and We also have reviews of the new RidgeMonkey C-Smart Wireless Power packs, the Nash Indulgence bed chair range and Fortis Elements Wellies.

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