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Gaz Fareham
The Session | Belgian Road-Trip

Duration: 1h

Gaz has been traveling to Europe in search of fresh challenges for a few years now, so when we got the chance to tag along and document the process, we jumped at the chance. We joined Gaz and his friend Benji at a remote dammed river before following them to the fascinating chain of pits that Gaz once dubbed, ‘Nowhere’.

It’s fair to say that the experience didn’t disappoint, and we quickly found ourselves up close and personal with the king of the complex himself, a giant mirror called Arrowtail, tucked up in a quiet corner. The tension went up a few notches as the lads tried to outwit this regal Belgian Blue, and we’re not giving too much away by saying that the hour-long Session film finished with quite a bang!

Categories: The Session

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