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February 2021
Episode #041

Duration: 4hours 38min

This episode contains 8 chapters, totalling over 4 hours and 45 mins of footage, and is jam-packed with big carp action. We've a whole host of different anglers, bringing a variety of content to your screens, from as far as Lac De Saint Cassien to snowy Essex, here's what we have in-store.

Samir & Claire are back and heavily armed with big carp! First up, they’ve back-to-back guided tours, and help their clients to catch the carp of their dreams. Once their “work” was finished, they hoped to spend Samir’s 40th birthday in the company of friends, partying in the south of France. Unfortunately, Covid-19 put a stop to that, and what’s the next best thing to do on your birthday? Go fishing! So, that’s exactly what they did.

Nigel Sharp takes us to the heart of his life in big carp fishing with this instalment of his Sharp End series. Documenting his angling via “Nige Cam” ensures we never miss a moment, and never have we been happier about that. This film is stacked with big carp, and whether it’s 50lb commons, lake record mirrors, leather carp, or just good-looking fish that you’re into, you’ll find it all here.

With heavy snowfall covering the South East, Elliott sets himself the task of catching a snow carp. This is a film like no other he’s made before, donning a GoPro and capturing bundles of raw, and entertaining footage as he journeys towards the summit of mount snow carp.

Mark Hofman delivers an insight into his obsession with one of the most famous lakes on the planet; the mighty Lac De Saint-Cassien. He’s no stranger to catching big carp, and despite living in Holland, is renowned for his CV that contains massive fish from all around Europe.

Immerse yourself in this feature-length insight into Neil Spooner’s hunt for monster carp, while balancing a family life and busy job! A busy home life and demanding filming schedule mean that Spoons has to cram his personal fishing into relatively limited slots, but that doesn’t stop him from targeting some of the finest big ‘uns around!

We also have three short films; two In-Focus films from Scott Lloyd, focusing on travelling light and using birdlife to help you locate more carp, and Neil Spooner, reveals his Seasonal Edge for winter fishing. ENJOY!

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