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August 2020
Episode #035

Duration: 3h 20min

There's some real variety in amongst the 3 hours and 20 minutes of episode #035, as we bring you all of August's video releases in one juicy bundle!

Si Bater is a proven, big carp bounty hunter, with some of the countries finest carp in his album. He’s an ex British record holder, was the first to capture two carp over 60 pounds from the UK, and holds a reputation as a genuinely nice bloke! A Life’s Work is a new series for Cypography and we’re delighted to have the opportunity to enter Si’s world of big carp and a love for the outdoors; we just knowing you’re going to enjoy this!

Alfie Russell heads to the famous Walthamstow complex, in pursuit of surface feeding carp. The venue however, is far from famous for its floater fishing, and it can be a tricky place to catch off the top. Armed with minimal tackle and a bag of mixers, Alfie's on the hunt cruising carp, and just when he thought the chance had gone, he's fortune changed, as is so often the way with this most frustrating of methods. With the an awesome Stow carp in the bag and the complex gates about to close, he heads to another venue, where incredibly, the carp feed more confidently in the night than they do in the day.

It takes a certain kind of person to become an influence on others; Paul Forward's one of those characters. With decades of carp angling experience under his belt, a warm heart and an assertive personality, you can’t help but listen to this man when he speaks. You might not agree with every statement he makes, but strong opinion is something lost amongst the younger generation. Paul says it how he sees it, based on his time in the field, during which he has mixed with very best of anglers and caught the biggest and best of carp! This is his life in angling, under our For The Record microscope.

What do you dream of? For Jacob Worth, it was owning a boat and taking his fishing to another dimension. That dream has now become reality and that’s exactly what this film is about. We take a river tour, in search of carp, and boy does he deliver, landing not one, not two, but three epic fish for the cameras!

We also have short films from, Jim Shelley, Myles Gibson, Jon McAllister, Marcus Clark, Lewis Porter, Jacob Worth and Tom Gibson.

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