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June 2020
Episode #033

Duration: 3h 8mins

The episodes are back, and there's some real variety in this 3-hour video, as we bring you all of June's film releases in one juicy bundle!

First up, Uncle Jim; Could this be the best Hunter video yet? We're going undercover to deliver a slice of carp fishing as Jim Shelley likes it most, off-the-radar, away from madding crowds and with the prospect of huge uncaught carp on the cards. Few can do it like Jim does it and whilst this style of fishing isn't something that everyone could endure, it's most certainly something for everybody will enjoy via this film!

Every lake has a beginning, every carp has a story and in this series we're going to follow Embryo Angling Habitats as they bring a beautiful fishery back to it's former glory. The lake in question is a hostile environment and they've most certainly got their work cut out, but with some serious effort, passion and the right experts involved the future is bright for the venue. In this part of this series we're going to look at the stocking of the lake, removing the carp one venue and transporting them to their new home in Peterborough; a process that sounds easy, but isn't, and you're about to find out why!

Gold medal or PB chub? We get to the heart of Dean Macey’s twin obsessions in a fascinating For The Record interview. One of our biggest TV personalities opens up about slipping away to pursue his angling targets while training ‘until he puked’ for Olympic competition, and how he came to become an ambassador for McDonalds after eating 11 Big Macs in one day! Plus, you’ll find out what filming for TV really entails... and it’s not what you think!

Carp fishing against the clock, no privileges, no pre-baiting, just instinct to see him through! Elliott tackles Junction 12 carp lake with just 24 hours to catch a carp; no more, no less! A situation many of you will relate to, and a style of angling that the average guy must adopt for a huge proportion of his carp angling exploits! This is as real as it gets, and the pressure is on!

As well as all this we have short films from Scott Lloyd's A+E, Tom Gibson What The F*#@!?, Alfie Russell's Fake News and Neil Spooner's The One That Got Away.

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