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November 2020
Episode #038

Duration: 3hours 49mins

This months episode is full of carp, both big and small. It contains all of our film releases from November 2020 and is almost 4 hours long, ENJOY!

The 24 returns and we’re fishing for carp that time forgot. Nestled away on this beautiful complex is a weedy little lake that holds a small head of jet-black carp, and that’s exactly what brought us here. Fishing against the clock with no privileges, Elliott finds himself under pressure to nail one of these amazing fish, reaching deep into his carp fishing armoury in order to succeed.

Our For The Record interview, details the incredible story of how Kev Wilson, a young man dubbed for greatness, gave up carp fishing in what felt like the blink of an eye. Growing up in Leicester, his aspirations were never to chase the UK’s biggest and best carp, but his carp-catching ability and love for fishing soon saw him grow into the epitome of a big carp bounty hunter. Kev fished flat out for a number of years, catching nigh on every single carp he ever fished for, before his jump from grace at the pinnacle of the big carp scene. Nowadays, he doesn’t own a single item of fishing tackle, all that’s left is two photo albums full of carp. So, what changed? Why did he give it all up? That’s exactly what we wanted to find out. 

Ian Russell has just 24 hours to “Catch a Carp” as he heads into unknown territory at The Mill Syndicate lake in Essex. A combination of unrelenting effort and more PVA bags than you can shake a stick at, was only going to end with a fish on the bank. This series will capture Ian’s now famous ability to locate and catch carp under pressure, and we kickstart it with success! 

We also have 2 films from Samir and Claire, documenting their new life living abroad in the pursuit of BIG CARP,

Part 1 sees Samir & Claire set off on their biggest ever adventure! Fishing in Europe has been the norm for them over the last few years, but it's time to take things to the next level. They've sold up and are moving to France to begin a new life in pursuit of big carp. Here's how it went down...

During part 2 we find out if Coronavirus will shatter Samir & Claire's dreams? Not if they have anything to do with it! As the lockdown lifts, they're straight back at it and catching carp to over 50-pounds. Claire banks her personal, the adventure is brought back to life, but nothing comes easy in their world!

And of course we have our usual short films from, Jim Shelley , Alfie Russell, Si Bater and Marcus Clark .

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