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July 2020
Episode #034

Duration: 4h 53min

This episode is an absolute carp fishing marathon, and at nearly five hours long, you're in for a treat! Here's what you can expect.

Part three of Nigel Sharp’s exclusive Sharp End features footage of a brace of January thirties (among other winter conquests) as well as the post-Covid resumption of his club-water campaign and an encounter with one of the best forties around (we filmed it and it blew us away)!

John Bird is part of the smallest, most prestigious club in carp fishing. He’s one of just twenty men to have caught a record carp, and standing alongside the likes of Walker, Yates, Hearn and his close mate Oz Holness, he is in esteemed company. But this man is far more than an entry in a record book, and we tracked him down to his quiet home in the wilds of Kent to find out more about an angler who can boast both Two Tone and the Black Mirror in his album. Get ready for one of our new favourite For The Record interviews to date!

The Session film returns, and with it comes a special guest; Simon Scott is renowned for his abundance of carpy knowledge and warming character, which makes him the perfect candidate for this kind of film! Elliott and Simon join forces to tackle the Asbury Fisheries Top Lake, a venue that Elliott dabbled on as a youngster, and a venue that has come on leaps and bounds since that time. With a stock of both big, old carp, and a smaller, new generation of fish, there were plenty to go at, but torrential rain and an unwillingness from the carp to give up too easily, created tension throughout! Sometimes, you really have to put the graft in to succeed and this was exactly the case for our anglers, with a variety of tactics and swims moves needed in order to put fish on the bank, but put fish on the bank, they did!

How far are you willing to travel in the name of big carp? For Samir & Claire, there are no limits, and this film see's them embark on an 8-HOUR journey across France, for just a weekend's fishing. The old saying "effort equals reward" has never rung more true, as not only do they catch some awesome carp, but Claire lands her biggest fish ever, in the shape of a 53lb mirror!

The Chodfather Returns; Jim Shelley is the master of chod fishing and in this film his approach is laid bare! After discovering this presentation, he spent months tweaking the rig to perfection and the result is his somewhat unique adaptation of the infamous Chod rig. These days, Jim lets his captures do the talking and the number of big carp he’s amassed using this set-up is simply mind-blowing. Not only did we want for him to demonstrate how to tie, and use the Chod rig, “Shelley style”, we also tasked him with catching a carp. Anyone that knows the Woolpack fishery will know how difficult it can be, particularly on lakes 5+6, but Jim and his chods made it looks easy, with two epic carp caught live for the cameras!

You also have your usual short film sections from Dave Lane, Myles Gibson, James Armstrong and Dave Levy

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