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May 2020
Episode #032

Duration: 4h 18min

CYP #032 is here, and it stands ready to eat up a mighty 4 hours and 18 minutes of your lockdown life, with contributions from Dave Lane, Joe Morgan, Elliott Gray, Jon McAllister, Myles Gibson, Neil Spooner, John Lam, Jack Reid, Mark Willcocks and Marcus Clark! And if that little lot can’t keep you entertained, then we give up!

For The Record led us into the company of Mark Wilcox, an Essex angler who has been fishing for big carp for an awfully long time! Now, his longevity alone wouldn’t be so impressive, unless you knew just how many big carp this man has caught, while quietly going about his business since the 1980s! We dived into his albums, and his past, present and future fishing to get what we think is a privileged look at the rather special way Mark goes about his big-carp fishing.

It’s always a pleasure to welcome Joe Morgan back to the fold, especially when he’s cradling a UK fifty for the cameras. Here’s how it went down; just before we were locked down, Joe managed to bank the biggest resident of the pond he’s fishing, and called Elliott for help with pictures and footage. What follows is the kind of inspiration that Joe is always capable of summoning! He captures the power of positive energy in angling, and let’s face it, we all need a bit of that right now!

With the spring sunshine finally arriving it's time to get excited, the carp are going to be waking up, getting caught, and Elliott's tough winter campaign could end with massive carp he's been searching for... Or it could all go wrong, as the threat of Coronavirus puts everything in doubt! This is a real, raw and largely uncut insight into Elliott's angling and with an incredible start to his campaign, some 178 miles from, can it end for him as well as it begun?

We’ve been sitting on this MEGA story for a while now, waiting for the right time to put it out. Now is the right time, and Jon McAllister invites you to travel with him to the Mere, at the heart of the Colne Valley, to hear exactly how the endgame of his pursuit of the Black Mirror played out. SPOILER: It’s spine tingling, and there’s FOOTAGE!

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