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March 2020
Episode #030

Duration: 2h 53min

The start of spring just got that little bit more exciting with the launch of this, one of our most diverse issues ever. We’ve got long, in-depth interviews, cutting-edge rig content, live action and a lot more for you this month!

A true superstar headliner, Ali Hamidi, kicks us off with a fascinating For The Record, which gets to the heart of what makes one of angling’s most recognised figures tick. We cover his life, work and angling, focusing on the part he’s played in driving the Korda machine to greater and greater things. Strap in and you’ll learn more about one of our most colourful and divisive characters.

Now, we don’t do much rig stuff on Cyp, but when we do, we do it right! So, we’re buzzing to bring you a piece of rig material that’s far from the norm, as Steve Renyard runs us through his clever Hermit Rig setup. Just last winter he used it to bank 42 thirties and seven (SEVEN!) forties from seven different day-ticket waters. I mean, who doesn’t want a bit of that?

Our third headliner is one of angling’s most underrated storytellers, the engaging Tom Stokes. He’s just the sort of super-dedicated angler that we hoped Cyp would highlight and we’re delighted that he agreed to come on and talk about his life in angling. This guy works 9-5, fishes every weekend available and managed to catch the biggest prize of them all, the Burghfield Common, doing just that.

Our live content this month comes from Oscar Thornton, who deploys his maggot tactics to devastating effect for the Cyp cameras, banking fish to 39lb for us! If a bit of live big-carp action doesn’t get the juices flowing for spring, then you might need to check your pulse!

Finally, as ever we’ve got killer filler content from Jon McAllister, Joe Morgan, Alfie Russell, John Lam and Jake Wildbore too, so set aside a few hours and dip into CYP #030!

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