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January 2020
Episode #028

Duration: 3h 9min

Once the fog clears on New Year’s Day, grab a lifesaving cuppa and relax into the first CYP of a new decade (sounds kinda cool, eh?). We’re kicking things off in exactly the way we plan to go forward; THREE HOURS of our own unique slant on carp content, produced with some of the most fascinating characters on the scene. Gareth Fareham headlines this issue, with a thoughtful, and thought-provoking interview about his life on and off the bank. We talk Subsurface, teaching, working in angling and whether his newfound obsession with the wide blue yonder on The Continent could ever kill his UK fishing, as well as a whole lot more.

Having mates like Luke Stevenson means that, not only does Elliott get to photograph his fair share of magnificent carp, but he’s also able to twist the arm of the usually shy, Essex big-carp man into spilling the beans once in a while (holding his pictures to ransom usually does it). Elliott met up with Luke at his Lea Valley syndicate to catch up on what has been the best autumn of his life. Those of you who’ve been with us since day one will remember that Luke starred behind a famous 50lb mirror in that edition… well in this issue, he’s talking about a run of fish capped by a 50lb common. Mindblowing…

Our lifeblood is bringing content to you that others would overlook, or consider too ‘edgy’, and in that fine tradition, we’re stoked to bring you a feast for the eyes in the form of an urban film with Jacob Worth – Jacob Londoncarper as many of you will know him from ‘The Gram’. We follow this dedicated angler through a day during which he uses public transport to get to the water… in London. Just let that sink in – this guy uses the Underground, and buses, with his full fishing kit slung round his neck. And he catches for the camera too. Respect!

Our killer fillers are pretty good too this month, with a barnstorming A&E from Jonny McAllister, Joe Morgan’s Quickfire Questions, Simon Scott’s Watercraft tip and the strangest thing that Marcus Clark has seen while angling. Finally, we’ve got our unsponsored look at the Trakker Tempest Brolly Advanced, a shelter that’s sure to provoke a lot of interest!

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