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December 2019
Episode #027 |

Duration: 3h 13min

Our Christmas issue is a bit of a cracker (sorry…)! We’re delighted to welcome Nick Helleur back to Cyp, alongside two new faces headlining for us: Ian Bailey and the inimitable Frank Warwick.

With a lifestyle as colourful as his personality, Nick is the perfect guy to follow for our Day in the Life feature, giving us a nice insight into what Nick’s life is like afloat on the mighty Thames. As we’ve become accustomed to, everything he says is TV gold, making him one of big-carp angling’s most watchable practitioners.

Our For The Record interview took us up to the leafy lanes of Cheshire, to meet up with a man who has, whether you realise it or not, influenced how you fish - Frank Warwick. A household name in the noughties, we caught up with this most innovative and charismatic of carpers to find out a bit more about him and his life, and it’s safe to say that, at nearly two hours in length, our interview didn’t disappoint!

Ian Bailey completes the headliners for #CYP027 featuring in a live, on-the-bank look at an angler with a thirst for big carp, and lots of them (although we didn’t know it, Ian was shortly to catch two UK sixties shortly after we filmed the shoot!). After completely changing his outlook on big-carp fishing, Ian now targets the UK’s superwaters and he explains why and how he fishes them to add to a stunning tally of big fish, that he’s amassed at a relatively young age.

The rest of the issue comprises contributions from the likes of Myles Gibson, Lewis Porter, Joe Morgan and Jack Reid as well as the best unsponsored tackle reviews out there covering a Trakker stove, and Korda carp care kit!

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