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November 2019
Episode #026

Duration: 4h 1min

There are no half-measures here at Cypography, so when it comes to smashing the record for our longest issue we thought we’d do it by absolutely miles! So, issue #026 weighs in at a heavyweight FOUR HOURS, and features a knockout list of contributors to match, including Jim Shelley, Dave Lane, Nigel Sharp, Simon Scott, Myles Gibson, Jack Reid, Martin Pick, Joe Morgan, Lewis Porter and Chris Ball!

So, here's what you need to know…

Jim Shelley’s Hunter series just gets better and better, and this one is feature-length, as we follow him through a live session at the Woolpack Fishery in Cambridgeshire. Those of you looking for an insight into Jim’s tactics, as well as details of his extensive history at one of the finest fisheries in Cambs will be well catered for here. Jim and Elliott cover his Woolpack campaign, from encounters with all-time-great fish like Paddle, to more recent campaigns for some of the best looking fully-scaled mirrors around (SPOLIER: there’s footage of a mind-blowing fully in here, that Elliott describes as “One of the best alive”).

We have new series from two legendary big-carp men, in the shape of Dave Lane and Nigel Sharp, across two very different formats. Dave starts Laney’s Big-Pit Tales, charting his colourful campaigns for some of the biggest carp, on some of the wildest waters we’ve known. Of course, there are disasters along the way too; it just wouldn’t be Laney without that, would it?

Sharpy starts his Sharp End diary, for the purposes of which we furnished him with a camera for him to capture the moments, good and bad, along the course of his latest campaign, and hopefully beyond! He’s already managed to bag us a few of the A-Team on his chosen water too, so for an insight into his big-fish angling, this cannot be missed.

We managed to secure one of carp angling’s great historians for this month’s For The Record; the inimitable Chris Ball. The master storyteller carries us along on a journey that started over fifty years ago, along the course of which, he rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in the sport, and photographed some of our most legendary giants too. We just know that you’ll be hooked from the first minute, until the breathless last.

The killer fillers this month come in the shape of Martin Pick’s embarrassing schoolboy error, Joe Morgan’s watercraft tip, Jack Reid’s brush with A&E, Myles Gibson’s game changer, Simon Scott’s strange occurrence, and some words of wisdom dispensed by Lewis Porter.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got an unsponsored review of Fox’s unleaded leader, Came Submerge.

(We won’t be making the next one five hours, before you get any ideas…)

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