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September 2019
Episode #024

Duration: 2h 38min

To celebrate our second anniversary, we’ve got two and a half hours of carpy goodness for you, featuring Shelley, Gibson, Gray, Scott and Lloyd, among many others!

Where better to kick off than with a piece that’s sure to get you all talking, as Jim Shelley takes us off-grid, in search of carp that have never seen a hook before. Jim talks finding freedom from the circuit, and even a bit of ‘guesting’ naughtiness!

The year turns full circle in Seasons of Carp, as Simon Scott concludes his popular series with an autumn special, designed to keep you one step ahead of the carp as the water cools and those leaves start to turn!

Elliott’s Cypographer diary returns, with a special Spring and Summer edition, featuring carp to 54lb as we follow our man around the lakes that he and his friends are targeting.

We’ve also got inspiring content from the machine that is Myles Gibson, concentrating on that most overlooked of carp catching attributes, an iron will and positive mentality. We met up with Myles on the epic pit that he’s targeting to get the inside track on the willpower behind the captures.

And then of course there's the smaller contributions from Simon Bater, Dave Levy, Lewis Porter and Marcus Clark, as well as our unbiased long term review of the Ridgemonkey Solar Panel!

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