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August 2019
Episode #023

Duration: 2h 50min

At just ten minutes short of the three-hour mark, and major contributions from Myles Gibson, Lewis Read and Elliott, it’s all killer and no filler!

The Session is back, and takes us to a famous Belgian water, with Dutch Master, Derek Harrison. With some incredible Belgian Blues to play for, Derek and Elliott set about tackling this fascinating, deep sandpit. Just wait for the finale!

Our centrepiece For The Record interview takes place in the Hub of the Known Universe, as described by our guest, Lewis Read (Yateley to the rest of us). This has to be our most entertaining interview ever (just wait for the dog walker bit...), and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.

Myles Gibson is undoubtedly one of the finest, most driven big carp anglers currently active, and he gives us an insight into his snag fishing on a particularly gnarly East Anglian pit.

Elliott’s back on the bank with some live floater action too, on a local water. We’re sure that you’ll pick up quite a lot from his approach to this, the most subtle of disciplines, in our Tied and Tested feature.

We’ve got small, yet perfectly formed contributions from Jake Wildbore, Dave Levy, Martin Pick and Lewis Porter, as well as the best unsponsored reviews in the industry, in the shape of Used and Abused and What’s New!

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