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July 2019
Episode #022

Duration: 2h 33min

With the prospect of becoming a father on the near horizon, Elliott was keen to keep our BrexCyp series rolling, while he still had the chance. So, with a few meagre crumbs of information and buckets of optimism, Ell and Dave Robinson set off for an isolated pin dropped in the middle of France... and the unknown. Their odyssey is a fitting end to our road tripping (for the moment), with drama, laughs and one heck of a carp to cap it all.

Our other headliner is the ever-engaging Simon Scott, with his third Seasons of Carp instalment. Lethargic carp and dog days of summer shouldn’t mean that your fishing goes on hold, as Scotty explains. In what we think might be his most fascinating interview to date, our carp expert reveals what the carp in your lake are up to during the hottest part of the year, and how you can use their physiological needs to catch them.

To complete issue #022 we managed to get Dave Levy to divulge his capture of a lifetime, Martin Pick recalled the events that left him wondering, “What the f*ck?”, Ben Connolly outlined the moment that changed his fishing and Scott Lloyd described the strangest occurrence that he’s experienced on the bank. 

Finally, our unsponsored reviews are back, with a long term review of the Ridgmonkey power packs, which we use extensively on our shoots, and Elliott’s thoughts on the new Essentials sunglasses from Fortis. 

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