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June 2019
Episode #021

Duration: 2h 40min

Judging from the response that we had to Jim Shelley’s first Hunter piece, you guys are going to love what we have in store for you this month! Elliott has been out to meet up with the big man again, this time to film something a little bit special in the considerable shape of an off-the-radar 47lb mirror. Jim’s catch up also includes another forty, as well as that all-important insight into how Jim keeps these giants coming. 

Our second headliner took us to a quiet estate not too far from what many consider to be the centre of carp universe, Yateley. With an album that contains many of the finest carp that swam during a period that is considered to have been a golden age for big-fish hunting, Nigel Sharp is one angler that we were really keen to get on film. His modest, laid-back persona is a little at odds with the thrusting YouTube generation, but he’s happy to let his CV does the talking, and we found him only too happy to cover a host of big-carp topics with refreshing frankness. Of course, there was plenty of tea drunk, and we even got to pore over the collection of the actual rigs that he landed the likes of Heather, Bazil, The Royal and Arfur on!

In contrast, Scott Lloyd is climbing the big-carp ladder in totally different times to Nigel, and it’s fair to say that they’re poles apart as characters, but Scott gets the job done too, with his highly mobile, almost hyperactive approach. We joined him on a session to really drill down into that mindset and discover just how he goes about his angling, often getting an edge on some of the busiest waters around. The rest of the issue features Mark Bryant’s catch of a lifetime, Alfie Russell’s Game Changer, the experience that had Gaz Fareham asking, “What the f*|£k?, Martin Pick’s watercraft tips, and the loss that still haunts Dave Levy…

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