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May 2019
Episode #020

Duration: 2h 38min

There's nothing remotely stuffy or old about our twentieth edition! In fact, there’s a distinctly indie feel to #CYP020 with headline contributions including a Belgium road trip for BrexCYP 2, Alfie Russell in For The Record, and life running a small, yet proud, bait firm for big-carp man, Joe Forrester. Here’s the detail…

After so many of you liked BrexCyp part one, the lads decided to immediately follow up with a jaunt to one of the infamous Belgian canals, in search of a gnarly and particularly huge common; or anything they could catch, to be fair… As is our rapidly becoming CYP style, the nights were late, the mornings were early, it rained (there were beers), and rods were bent, but not before Elliott, Dave and Ben were pushed to the absolute limits! As you’d expect from BrexCyp, you’ll be getting warts-and-all coverage of the realities of staging a road trip deep into foreign territory, with barely a clue about what awaits. 

In complete contrast, our For The Record interview took place in the surprisingly calm, quiet surroundings of a London flat. Now, we’re well used to interviewing anglers who are, let’s say, somewhat more well endowed in years than our interviewee this month, Alfie Russell. Don’t let his tender age fool you though, because we found a remarkably mature, controlled and self-aware young man in front of our cameras that day, and what followed made for one of our favourite interviews yet. Life in London, fatherhood, the ethics of poaching and making a living from angling all feature…

Oxford Carp Baits’ Joe Forrester would easily warrant inclusion for his angling exploits over the last 15 years alone, despite many of them being off the beaten track… but, that’s not the film we wanted from him. We wanted to bring to light the realities of running a small bait firm in one of the most challenging and overpopulated marketplaces in our industry. Joe gave up a secure job several years back, to work out of his unit, with two kids to feed and no plan B. In A Day in The Life, Joe explains how it all happened, and just what it’s like to be a one-man brand in the bait game. 

Aside from that little lot, you’ll also find Scott Lloyd’s game-changing moment, Gaz Fareham’s Quickfire grilling, Jake Wildbore’s Schoolboy Error and one of the strangest things Mark Bryant’s ever seen on the bank, as well as impartial reviews of the new Korda tackle box and Trakkers Hydro landing net. 

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