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April 2019
Episode #019

Duration: 2h 53min

Episode #019 has dropped and what a film we have for you! Not only is it our biggest yet at 2hours 53 minutes but we’re expecting you to love every minute of it! Jim Shelley makes his Cypography debut, kicking off his new Hunter series in fine style!

We are going to be joining him regularly for an in-depth look at his fishing life, and hopefully we will extract a few gems along the way, from the mind of one of the most deadly anglers in the game! Elliott and Dave leave the UK for a week in French paradise; They have a complex of lakes to themselves, and it’s a complex that has been fished just a handful of times before them. This is what carp fishing is all about, fun, adventure and big, beautiful, previously-uncaught carp!

We also have Ash Bradbury, another CYP debutant, talking all things adjustable zigging. He’s one of the masterminds behind the idea and is man responsible for the products used by so many of us today; this is his story, we he uses them, when he uses them, and why you should use them too! As always, there’s plenty more where that came from with smaller sections from the likes of Jon Mac, Jimmy Armstrong, Joe Morgan and Dave Levy!

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