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March 2019
Episode #018

Duration: 2h 45min

Following the popularity of Simon Scott’s first Seasons of Carp interview, we’ve got high hopes that you’re going to love the spring instalment of his feature. Simon and Elliott discuss carp behaviour and the baiting and tactics needed to catch them during what can be the very best time of year. Simon gives us the truth about clay, salt, parasites, rolling carp and hatching insects, all of which builds into a guide to spring fishing that we know will help you catch more!

Our other headliner comes in the form of the inimitable Martin Bowler, as we go behind the scenes of his everyday life as a professional angler. Martin talks frankly about being able to fish whenever he wants, in search of bigger and better content for his sponsors, as well as the legacy of his ‘Uncle’ John Wilson, a man who had a huge impact on Martin throughout his career.

Elliott’s Cypographer diary returns for this issue, as we each up with his efforts to catch from a range of waters! It’s a warts-and-all account of a period that’s seen some low periods, as well as some nice carp on the bank!

As well as all that, we’ve got watercraft tips from Jon McAllister, Mark Bryant’s Quickfire grilling, Joe Morgan’s schoolboy error, the thing that changed the game for Dave Levy, Martin Pick’s nature of a lifetime and the occurrence that made Joe Stephens ask, “What the f*$k?”

Finally, we’ve got the best in unbiased reviews from our man Elliott, who takes a close look at some proper fishing footwear and a new light system from Prestige. 

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