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October 2018
Episode #013

Duration: 2h 28min

Cypography's 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY film!

There was a time that we were nervously launching Cypography #001, featuring the irrepressible Alan Blair, star of the Nash Urban and Euro Banx. So, perhaps it’s fitting that we headed deep into urban Britain for our headline Session film 12 months down the line? We met Walthamstow veteran, John Barnes, on the gate as London woke around us. While commuters swigged flat whites and rubbed sleep from their eyes, we charged off to find fish on the reservoirs that John has called home for the last 15 years. Nobody knows these waters like John, and we hoped that would practically guarantee some action… we weren’t disappointed!

Our second headline act is a carp legend who has a reasonable claim to have done more than anyone since Richard Walker to shape and influence the modern scene. Tim Paisley’s an angler, publisher, political activist, photographer, writer and angling statesman, and we were delighted that he agreed to reflect on an amazing life in the comfort of his Derbyshire home. We covered angling politics, writing, Carpworld, his fishing now and then, and of course, his remarkable career, in an interview that lasts nearly an hour!

A Day in the Life took us deep into the beautiful Cotswolds again, this time though, we were there to meet one of the leading lights of the modern rod-building scene, Tom Pollard, owner of Cotswold Rods. If you’ve ever wondered what t’s like to run a rod-building business, then our little insight should fit the bill nicely… and keep your eyes peeled on social media for a Cyp/Cotswold collab too!

The rest of the 2-hours and 27-minutes is taken up with the likes of Adam Penning getting the Quickfire grilling, Martin Pick’s brush with A&E, the strangest thing James Armstrong’s seen while on the bank and Mark Bryant’s best blag! It’s another bumper issue!!

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