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September 2018
Episode #012

Duration: 2h 46min


The Session film is a beast, filled with action from big carp, right from the get-go. We were very privileged to be invited to fish a special Cotswold syndicate with Baitworks supremo, Mark Bryant, and the resulting 36 hours or so were waaaaay beyond our wildest dreams! The lake was fascinating, and the fishing was mega, and the carp were biiiiiiig, as you’ll see! For once, all of the bites came at first light or after, so there’s loads of action for you to enjoy too.

Here’s a thing; there aren’t many bigger names in carp fishing than Kevin Nash, yet he’s become something of an enigma in recent years, hasn’t he? He’s withdrawn from the spotlight as the new kids, led by Alan Blair, come to the fore, but we found him as outspoken and entertaining as ever when we met for his For The Record interview! We grilled Kev on life, the tackle game, being the boss, trainers and even drum & bass!

Jimmy Armstrong is in the hot-seat for a round of Quickfire Questions, and in true Jimmy style, the answers are pretty hilarious! Scott Lloyd revisits the most painful loss that he’s ever suffered, and Adam Penning reveals the single moment in which everything changed for his fishing.

(DRAWS BREATH) We’re not done yet! You’ve also got that man Joe Stephens on the strangest thing that he’s seen on the bank, Alfie Russell’s brush with A&E, plus Kurt the Chef’s latest culinary creation and Elliott’s honest review of a new release from Korda, and his long-term opinion of the JAG Black Banksticks!

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