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July 2018
Episode #010

Duration: 2h 1min

Elliott kicks us off with a totally new series, in the shape of 24, a new format in which he has just 24 hours to get to grips with a day-ticket lake, in this case, St Johns at Linear. There can’t be many more pressured fish in the country, and he has to get his tactics spot on to get a result. Let’s just say, as well as banking a cracking Oxford scaley, he also finds himself locked in battle with a true monster! It’s our genuine hope that 24 gives you guys a truly relatable feature that’s relevant to the fishing that so many of us find ourselves doing!

Next, gentleman of the big-carp scene, Oz Holness, is the subject of our For The Record interview, and boy he didn’t disappoint. We cover a range of subjects, from his secret bait edges to etiquette, motivation and even Far Eastern philosophies and how they all mesh together to keep Oz catching! Oz is one of the finest big-carp men of his generation, and the interview is littered with clues as to why he’s so successful; it was a true pleasure to shoot!

Ellliott’s fish-filled Cypographer diary returns too, as he tries to tie up a few loose ends from his winter campaign water, resulting in some memorable captures, including one of the ancient original mirrors that the fascinating pit holds! As always, Ell gives us an honest appraisal of the tactics that did the business! 

We’re delighted to welcome Kurt the chef back to CYP this month too, and he’s got the perfect summer lunch for us, direct from the hallowed banks of Stoneacres! 

The rest of the two-hours plus of CYP #010 is taken up with our snippet sections, including the tactics that changed the game for Darrell Peck, Joe Stephen’s worst loss, the best advice that Alfie Russell’s ever been given and the carp-fishing moment the made Jimmy Armstrong go “What the f*@k?”

It’s all in CYP #010!

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