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June 2018
Episode #009

Duration: 2h 30min

Not only is Cypography #009 2.5 hours long, it also happens to be headlined by two of the biggest names in carp fishing; Tom Dove and Adam Penning. As is our way through, we’re not content with simply featuring the same old tired angles, instead opting to dig a little deeper!

Elliott joins long-time mate, Dovey, for The Session film at Sandhurst Lake and my god did it kick off! With the Sandy fish in fine summer fettle and on the munch, the action came thick and fast, culminating in the biggest carp we’ve managed to document for Cyp so far! There’s no smoke and mirrors, or roped-off swims, when we get a big hit on Cypography, it’s the real deal!

Adam Penning gets the For-The-Record treatment this month, and it’s a fascinating insight into the life and loves of one of the angling world’s most popular figures. We find out what Adam’s been up to since departing full-time employment, how he bucks the carp scene’s most fashionable trends to catch more, and just why he hates magpies so much!

We’ve also got plenty of unmissables, in the shape of Nick Helleur’s best blag, the tactics that changed the game for Jim Wilson, Alfie Russell’s catch of a lifetime and some invaluable day-ticket watercraft tips from Scott Lloyd, one man who knows how to sneak ‘em out from the vert busiest waters. 

Finally, Elliott runs the rule over the new Korda SLR marker float, and gives us his verdict on his trusty Solar butt rests in the most independent review section in all of angling! 

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