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March 2018
Episode #006

Duration: 2h 3min

Our headline film features one of the finest big-carp hunters to ever pick up a battered, old carp rod – former British record holder… the incomparable Simon Bater. If you know of Simon, then you’ll be aware of just how special a guest he is! If you’ve never heard of him, then you’re in for a treat. This man has lived and breathed carp fishing for over 30 years and we got a truly in-depth insight into the mindset of a man who is obsessed with pitting his wits against the biggest and best of British. Nope, he probably can’t teach you to Spomb on a sixpence at 150 yards, but we can guarantee that just listening to this man will well and truly stoke the fires for your spring campaign; it certainly did so for us!

Elliott’s Cypographer diary series takes on a new, in-depth format, as we join him live and in action at his winter water. The tactics, strategy and technology that have combined to give our man one of his best-ever winters are laid bare and he even managed to get a bite for the cameras, on a method that is as devastating as it is cool! With spring on the doorstep though, can he manage that one, crucial last bite that would crown his campaign?

The rest of the episode is rammed with top-notch carpy content, including Nick Helleur giving us one of the funniest Quickfire questions ever, Pecky reliving the moment he (probably) lost the Black Mirror (sorry Darrell!), Dave Robinson on his best-ever carp, Joe Stephens telling us about when things got a bit weird in Strange Occurrences, and Myles Gibson recounting his best blag ever! 

Finally, we’ve got two unsponsored Used & Abused reviews, in which Elliott gives us the lowdown on products that he rates from Thinking Anglers and Fox. Because the tackle companies can’t simply buy a slot with us, you can rest assured that these are the most credible reviews out there – if Ell uses it, he’ll tell you about it, with no holds barred…

It’s all in Cypography issue #006!

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