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January 2018
Episode #004

Duration: 2h 14min

We’ve got two of the very biggest names in the game for you in this issue, in the shape of Danny Fairbrass and Nick Helleur, along with a lot, lot more besides! Danny takes us through a day in his life, and reveals what it’s actually like to be the boss of Korda Developments. We get the inside track on what Dan thinks he’s like to work for, where his motivations come from, and where he’s going from here (inside the swish new Korda HQ office block!) 

Nick took us on a cold-water road trip around some of his favourite venues close to his Colne Valley home, as well as further afield. Our feet literally didn’t touch the floor as we battled frozen lakes to get a bend in the rod (SPOILER ALERT: We did manage to capture Nick banking a special canal common too!) We loved our time with one of angling’s biggest characters, and we think you’ll love it too. 

Part three of Elliott’s Cypographer diary really is a bit of a big-carp fest. We’ve got a veritable parade of carp to just over 40lb on film, as our man documents the big-carp scene during the autumn feed-up. Elliott even managed to catch live for the camera again, keeping up his recent excellent form! It’s all in the Cypographer diary!

Kurt the chef is back for this issue, knocking up an awesome pasta and meat balls dish that you can recreate in the comfort of your own bivvy, and we’ve got a whole load of other fresh, juicy content besides. Joe Stephens reveals his game-changing moment, James Armstrong gives us the benefit of his watercraft experience Myles Gibson laments the one that got away, Ben Connolly recounts his strangest Bankside experience and Luke Stevenson gets the Quickfire grilling. 

Finally, we’ve got more tackle under the unsponsored spotlight. This month sees the ESP Stash Camo Salopettes and the Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Duo get the Used and Abused treatment from Mr Gray. 

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