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December 2017
Episode #003

Duration: 2h 02min

The third instalment of Cyp is packed with diverse content, not least because we shot our first-ever Welsh session! We pointed the cars west, heading for the urban sprawl of Cardiff, to join Elliott’s good friend, Dave Robinson on the notorious Wharf fishery - one of the undisputed jewels in the crown for Welsh carpers. Dave was in the middle of a mammoth session when we rolled up, and what followed will live with us forever. We were welcomed by the friendly locals, and even the friendly underworld characters, and we even got to bank some docklands carp for the cameras.

Elsewhere, Elliott continues his Cypographer diary, charting the fishing, and filming exploits of him and his friends. We met him live on the bank to film part of the diary, and he only went and produced a run of mega carp for the cameras. So, if you ever did wonder what it’s like to fish and film at the heart of the big-carp scene… wonder no longer!

Staying with Mr Gray, we’re cordially invited into his garage to watch as he rolls some super-attractive and consistent cork-dust wafters. If you need to up your hook bait game, then start right here. 

Alongside that little lot are contributions from some of the great and good of UK carp fishing. Adam Penning regales us with a fascinating story about a carp so crafty it’s absurd, Marcus Howarth gets the Quickfire grilling, Joe Stephens tells the tale of the time he caught up with one of Essex’s finest carp and Luke Stevenson reveals his biggest edge. 

Now, whether you ate lunch ten minutes ago or not, we can guarantee that you’ll be feeling hungry again after watching Kurt, our bankside chef, rustle up some tasty fajitas, while dispensing some great culinary tips in his own unique style.

To finish off, we’ve got the best in unbiased, unsponsored tackle reviews, with the Tracker RLX bed and new Ridgemonkey hooks under the spotlight. 

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