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November 2017
Episode #003

Duration: 2hrs

A Northern Special; This film features the hottest young anglers in the North, catching carp in the South!

Scott Lloyd showcases his angling on the Linch Hill complex, whilst fishing at Christchurch lake, one of the countries premier big fish day-ticket waters. His success on these pressured venues has never gone unnoticed and we are lucky enough to join in on the fun. The master of locating carp certainly doesn't disappoint, and in typical Oxfordshire style, there's big scaly carp on the bank. He's absolutely full of useful information and we cover a whole range of subjects and scenarios for you to learn from. The margin fishing, in particular, shines through, with some incredible scenes.

Elliott joins Myles Gibson at the magnificent Dinton Pastures complex, live and in the thick of his campaign on Black Swan lake. What he's achieved at the venue so far is incredible and the same applies for his results during the film. We witnessed some truly fine angling during the 48-hours we spent with him and the carp caught were out of this world. 90-acres of water, some seriously challenging conditions, but does it phase him, does it affect him? Of course it doesn't!

We also have James Armstrong's Catch Of A Lifetime, Kev Hewitt's Game Changer, a look at the Korda Propolis carp care, the Fortis FJ6 coat, Spice Rods, Alfie Russell's Strange Occurrence, and a detailed run though of how to cook the perfect on-the-bank breakfast (our first Ready Steady Kurt film).

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