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Dave Levy
For The Record

Duration: 2h 9min

Dave Levy has lived an existence fuelled by a passion for carp angling and it’s hugely impacted the life he’s led, for the better! In this interview we look back at over 30 years fishing, across some of the most famous venues we’ve had, and his album is sure to drop your bottom jaw. Dave’s been in the army as a paratrooper, has worked on billion-dollar oil rigs, he’s a father, a husband, and now a professional angler. His undying love for carp fishing and his family has seen him carve a very interesting path and his story will leave you inspired. Catching carp on limited time is something to be admired and Dave’s managed it on some of the trickiest venues around, his fishing is very relatable to the average guy and he’s proof that you don’t need all the time in the world to be successful. It’s all about mindset.

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